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Ford's Theatre

April 14-15, 1865
by Jay Winik





Booth’s Deringer
by Richard Norton Smith
At first glance—and second, and third—it is hard to reconcile the puny dimensions of this vest pocket instrument of vengeance with the still reverberating historical consequences of its use.



Lincoln's Clothing
The night Lincoln was assassinated, he attended Ford’s Theatre wearing the frock coat, waistcoat, trousers, tie and boots pictured here.




Booth’s Broken Leg
Booth arrived at Dr. Samuel Mudd’s house in need of medical care for an injured leg. Mudd cut the boot and removed it from Booth’s swollen ankle.





John Wilkes Booth’s Diary
by James Swanson
Booth’s escape journal offers an unparalleled window into the assassin’s mind. Into this pocket date book, Booth inscribed for all time his deepest emotions.




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